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Age Limit

Is there an age limit in your center? 

Absolutely not. However, people aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult on their first visit!


Where are you located?

We are located at 3100 Rue Masson, Montreal, Qc H1Y 1X8

Party & Duo

Can we play alone or with friends?

Yes, this is all the beauty of a video game center, computers are always available to play alone or with your friends. We have 5 seats reserved for solo, duo or trio players.


Can we carry our mouse and keyboard?

Certainly, we will do our best to have USB connections easily accessible and help you connect all!


Quels sont vos tarif?

Refer to our online service Page

Open Hours

What is your schedule?

Monday to Friday from 10AM until 11PM

Friday from 10AM to Sunday 11PM (24h on the weekend)


Do you have consoles on site?

Yes, PS4, WIIU and Xbox 360, NES, Gamecube, SEGA, Nintendo 64, PS1-2-3, Xbox and many others.


What games do you have?

All the most popular games are already installed. If you would like to have a pre-installed game before your visit, do not hesitate to ask for it !!


Do you compete?

Yes and they take place on PC! We will post the competitions on our Facebook page and on our website (in the blog tab)! The cash prize for competitions will go up to $ 1000, depending on the number of entries and the format of the tournament!

Contact Us





3100 Masson St. Montreal, Quebec